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“Bulgaria is the crossroads of civilizations, which is felt most strongly on the palate”

Konstantin Irechek

The menu is rich and varied, but if you are coming for the first time you can not miss the “basics” of the Bulgarian tradition. Our advice is to start with tarator – a cold Bulgarian soup based on yogurt – a product that has won world fame of Bulgaria by combining it with a small rakiya. From the starters you cannot miss the colorful bean salad, prepared from a special bean mix and kyopoolo – eggplant salad, variations of which you will find everywhere in the Balkans region, but we have a little secret that will make the experience for palate unforgettable. Mixed grill or as healthy Bulgarian men call it “haidouk appetizer” requires an enviable appetite. Be sure to try our lamb dish prepared according to recipe for St. George’s day holiday, which will give you an answer to the question of where St. George gathered strength to defeat the dragon.

You can view the entire menu here, but to experience even more enjoyment of the culinary experience in Vodenitsata, we advise you to consult your waiter, who knows all the intricacies, details and legends of each of our offers.