“It’s not the size of the table that matters, it’s the heart”


An old Bulgarian proverb

A distinctive feature of the Bulgarians is the traditional hospitality, which makes every foreigner who came to Bulgaria talk about our hospitality and wants to return to our country.
We, at Vodenitsata, have committed ourselves to show Bulgarian hospitality in its purest form. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, you came here alone or with company, in our restaurant we will make you feel at home. We will welcome you with traditional appetizers and a smile, we will treat you as a dear guest, we will entertain you, cheer you up with music, dances and customs and we will send you with honors, leaving our door always open for you.

Live coals glowing in the darkness, bare feet, the melody of the drum …
Fire-dancing is not just a dance, it is a magic that no one has yet figured out.
And for anyone who has once being enchanted by this ancient ritual, originating from the cult of Dionysus, there remains an unforgettable memory of an experience which is inexplicable in its power and nature.
From the first warm days of spring to the last days of winter authentic fire dances are performed in Vodenitsata restaurant, where the dancers walk in a trance barefoot on live embers.
The program also includes a folklore performance with Bulgarian songs and dances, lavish choreography, traditional costumes and presentation of interesting folk customs. The performance is interactive and every guest of Vodenitsata can join it.
Bulgarian folk music has a unique sound and unique rhythm in 7/8 time, Bulgarian folk songs are used by the world’s biggest names in contemporary music – from Sting and Bobby McFarrin to Beyonce, the ensemble “The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices” has been nominated three times for Grammy award, and the song “Izlel e Delyo haidutin” performed by Valya Balkanska was chosen to sound in space.

The overall experience that Vodenitsata restaurant offers – from its location, the interior, through the food, the music and the Bulgarian rituals – provides opportunities to celebrate special occasions and events that will leave unforgettable memories.

Individual holidays and group celebrations, birthdays for children and adults, welcoming official guests, business dinners and team building meetings – our professional team can offer a complete program and organization for your event. We offer a ready-made program or preparation of a special tailor-made program, tailored to individual needs and requirements of clients.

The restaurant has 200 seats inside and 250 seats in the garden. Our team has contacts with the best performers of various types of music and performances, we have sound equipment and the ability to build stages and provide multimedia.