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Salad “Watermill” 720 gr.  11,90lv.

(tomato “Schmerkeze”, beans from Smilian, eggplant mash, salad “Snejanka”, salad “Katak”, olives, hot pepper, egg, baked peppers, ham, small loaf of bread)


Iceberg salad, arugula, dried tomatoes and green cheese 300gr. 10.90lv. 

Lettuce salad with maize and tuna 400gr.  8.90lv.  

Master’s salad  400gr.  7.20lv.  

(tomatoes, baked peppers, egg, eggplant mash, white cheese, ham)

Shepherd’s salad 400gr. 6.70lv.

Greek salad 400gr. 6.40lv.  

Lettuce salad with egg 400gr. 6.30lv.     

Harvester’s salad  400gr. 6.20lv.

(tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion, walnuts, garlic, egg, olives)

Salad “Shopska 400gr. 6.30lv.          

Tomatoes with baked peppers 400 gr. 5,80 lv.

Cucumbers 350 gr. 4,90 lv.

Mixed salad 350 gr. 4,90 lv.

Tomatoes 350 gr. 4,90 lv.

Carrots salad  300 gr. 4,60 lv.

Cabbage, carrots, celery 300 gr. 4,60 lv.

Potato salad 350 gr. 4,60 lv.

Katak (yoghurt with white cheese) 300gr. 5.90lv.

Salad from beetroot, carrots and apple 300gr. 5.90lv.

Peeled tomatoes 250gr. 5.60lv.

Haricot bean salad in Rodopa style 400gr. 5.60lv.

(haricot beans from Smilian with tomato puree, onion and parsley)

Haricot bean salad from Smilian 350gr. 5.60lv.

Eggplant mash 250gr. 5.60lv.

Salad “Snejanka” (yoghurt salad) 300 gr. 5,60 lv.

Baked peppers 250 gr. 5.40 lv.          

Salad from turnip with carrots 250 gr. 4,90 lv.

Hot chilly peppers – fresh  100 gr. 2,30 lv.  

Marinated hot chilly peppers 100 gr. 2,90 lv.

White cheese for salad 50 gr. 1,50 lv.

Olives with onion 250 gr. 5,20 lv.

Pickled vegetables (seasonal) 250 gr. 5,80 lv.

Pickled cucumbers 250 gr. 4,90 lv.

Sauerkraut (seasonal) 250 gr. 4,90 lv.  

Platter salad “Assort” 1 300 gr. 32,80 lv.

Cold Hors-D’oeuvres

Cow’s milk white cheese 100 gr. 3,00 lv.

Goat’s milk cheese 100 gr. 3,60 lv.

Sheep’s milk white cheese 100 gr. 4,70 lv.

Green cheese 100 gr. 4,90 lv.

Blue cheese  100 gr. 8,10 lv.

Cheese “Brie”, “Camembert”  125 gr. 15,90lv.

Yellow cheese 100 gr. 3,90 lv.

Yellow cheese “Gouda” 100 gr. 5,90 lv.

Platter Bulgarian cheeses 500 gr. 20,10lv.   

Platter French cheeses 450 gr. 39,60lv.

Fillet  100 gr. 5,20 lv.

Flat sausage “Soudguk” 100 gr. 6,80 lv.

Flat sausage “Loukanka”  100 gr. 6,80 lv.

Fillet “Elena”  100 gr. 8,20 lv.

Jerked meat 100 gr. 10,90 lv.

Butcher’s platter 500 gr. 32,70lv.

Smoked trout 125 gr.10.60lv.

Boiled egg 1br. 1.20 lv.

Butter 25 gr. 1.20 lv.

Warm Hors-D’oeuvres

Earthenware dish prepared in watermill style 350 gr. 7,90 lv.

White cheese prepared in Shopski style 250 gr. 6,90 lv.

White cheese on the grill/on cover  250 gr. 6,90 lv.

Surprise “Watermill” 350 gr. 8,40 lv.

Breaded yellow cheese 250 gr. 6,90 lv.

Tongue in butter / Breaded tongue 200 gr. 11,60lv.

Chicken prepared in miller’s style 300 gr. 8,90 lv.

Fried plucks 300 gr. 12,80lv.

Tripe in copper pan or breaded 250gr. 8,80 lv.

Chicken hearts in butter 200 gr. 7,90 lv.

Chicken livers in butter 200 gr. 7.30 lv.

Goose liver with peaches 165 / 350 gr. 26,90 lv.

Flat sausages on cover 150 gr. 10,90lv.

Maize with butter (warm salad) 300 gr. 5.40 lv.

Short Orders

Pork liver with onion 300 gr. 7,90 lv.

Fried chicken wings 200 gr. 7,50 lv.

Omelette “Assort”  250 gr. 7.30 lv.



Edible Boletus 200 gr.18.90 lv.

Chanterelle 200 gr.14.90 lv.

Elm’s mushrooms 200 gr.12.90 lv.

Champignon 200 gr. 6.90 lv.

Mushrooms can be grilled, baked in butter or breaded on Your choice.


Boiled veal 350 gr. 6.90 lv.

Curban chorba (boiled mutton)  350 gr. 6,30 lv.

Shkembe chorba (tripe soup)  350 gr. 5,20 lv.

Chicken soup 350 gr. 4,90 lv.

Mushrooms soup 350 gr. 4,60 lv.

Gardner’s soup 350 gr. 4,60 lv.

Bean soup 350 gr. 4,20 lv.

Lentil soup 350 gr. 4,20 lv.

Tarator (cold yoghurt soup) 350gr. 4,20 lv.

Meatless Dishes

Hotchpotch 350 gr. 6,90 lv.

Spinach puree with egg 350 gr. 6,90 lv.

Baked peppers with tomato sauce 300 gr. 6,90 lv.

Breaded pepper stuffed with cheese pastry 300 gr. 6,80 lv.

Zucchinis with garlic sauce 300 gr. 6,80 lv.

Breaded zucchini stuffed with cheese pastry 300 gr. 6,80 lv.

Breaded eggplant stuffed with cheese pastry 300 gr. 6,80 lv.

Breaded white cheese 200 gr. 5,80 lv.

Mashed potatoes with egg 350 gr. 4,60 lv.

Cooked Dishes

Knuckle in Haidouk style 600 gr. 21,30lv.

Stewed knuckle with dressing 600 gr. 20,40lv.

Wood shake kebab 400 gr. 10,70lv.

Kavarma in watermill’s style (pork or chicken meat)  400 gr. 9,90 lv.

Pork with cabbage (seasonal)  400 gr. 8,10 lv.

Liver in watermill’s style 400 gr. 7,90 lv.

Drob-sarma – seasonal (dish from diced liver, rice and herbs)  400 gr. 7,90 lv.

Stuffed peppers 450 gr. 7,40 lv.

Musaka with zucchinis 450 gr. 6,90 lv.

Stuffed cabbage leaves (seasonal) 300 gr. 6,40 lv.

Stuffed vine leaves 300 gr. 4,90 lv.


Salmon fillet with vegetables 400 gr. 29,10lv.
(salmon fillet, rice, broccoli, cream)                                                                                           

Royal shrimps 100 gr. 19,90lv.

Turbot cutlet  100 gr. 15,90lv.

Fish prepared in watermill’s style  650 gr. 12,70lv.
(trout, pickled cucumbers, tomato sauce, garlic, spices)

Gilthead seabream  100 gr. 8,30 lv.

Fried/grilled trout for 100 gr. 3,90 lv.

Bass 100 gr. 7,80 lv.

Breaded whitefish fillet 250 gr. 7,10 lv.



Pork steak for connoisseurs 370/520 gr. 18,80lv.

Skewer from three kinds pork fillet 400 gr. 16,90lv.

Shashlik (big skewer) in Butcher’s style 300 gr. 15,90lv.

Pork loins in Miller’s style 300 gr. 14,80lv.

Stuffed pork fillet 250 gr. 14,10lv.

Pork sirloin 200 gr. 13,70lv.

Smoked pork ribs 200 gr. 12,80lv.

Pork neck steak – smoked 200 gr. 12,70lv.

Pork loins 200 gr. 11,90lv.

Pork neck steak 200 gr. 10,90lv.

Sahanitza (poorly meatball)  250 gr. 5,90 lv.

Karnache (a kind of sausage)  200 gr. 5,20 lv.

Pork skewer 100 gr. 4,20 lv.

Meatballs in Rila style 100 gr. 4,10 lv.

Meatball 90 gr. 2,40 lv.

Kebapche (oblong rissole)  90 gr. 2,40lv.

Compounded skewer from 5 kinds of sausages 500 gr. 13,70lv.

Fresh sausage 250 gr. 7,60 lv.

Piquant fresh sausage 220 gr. 6,70 lv.

Compounded barbecue 640 gr. 25,10lv.


Lamb from Balkan range 400 gr. 23,80lv.

Lamb skewer 250 gr. 16,60lv.

Lamb roll in Dobrudja style 280 gr. 15,40lv.

Lamb Kebapche (oblong rissole) 180/350gr. 11,90lv.

Lamb meat ball 100 gr. 5,30 lv.


Stuffed chicken skewer 300 gr. 13,40lv.

Stuffed chicken fillet 250 gr. 12,20lv.

Chicken loins in Miller’s style 250 gr. 11,80lv.

Chicken fillet 200 gr. 10,20lv.

Chicken steak 200 gr. 9,90 lv.

Chicken skewer 100 gr. 4,20 lv.


Veal loins with baked zucchinis 400 gr. 34,90lv.

Smoked veal fillet 250 gr. 30,80lv.

Veal steak 200 gr. 28,40lv.

Veal fillet 180 gr. 26,80lv.

Veal skewer  100 gr. 12,70lv.

Veal Kebapche (oblong rissole) 180/350 gr. 11,90lv.

Fresh Veal sausage 250 gr. 11,60lv.

Veal meatball 100 gr. 6,60lv.

Main Dishes


Chicken medaillon with goose liver 450 gr. 19,70lv.

 (chicken fillet, goose liver, cream sauce with estragon)                                                                        

Chicken “Roquefort” 400 gr. 13,80lv.

(chicken fillet, sauce “Roquefort”)

Chicken prepared in watermill style 600 gr. 13,40lv.

(chicken fillet, corn, rice, cream, mashed potatoes, spices)

Chicken “Julienne” 400 gr. 11,60lv.

(chicken fillet, mushrooms, smoked cheese, cream, wine, spices)                                                          


Veal steak “Watermill” 450 gr. 35,80lv.

(veal sirloin, tomatoes, goose liver, mushrooms, cream, sauce “Braten juice”)

Veal steak with edible Boletus 400 gr. 34,60lv.

(veal sirloin, edible Boletus, sauce “Demiglace”, spices)

Pepper steak 300 gr. 30,80lv.

(veal sirloin, green pepper, tomato sauce, hot “Chilly”)

Viennese schnitzel 500 gr. 23,90lv.
(veal sirloin, French fries)


Pork fillet “Watermill”  350 gr. 15,90lv.
(pork sirloin, broccoli, bacon, corn, cream, spices)

Pork fillet in village style  400 gr. 14,90lv.
(pork sirloin, boiled potatoes, bacon, garlic, breaded onion, egg)

Pork fillet in Rodopa style 450 gr. 14,40lv.
(pork sirloin, white cheese, eggplant mash)

Pork fillet “Julienne” 350 gr. 13,90lv.

(pork sirloin, mushrooms, smoked cheese, cream, wine, spices)


Lamb prepared in St. George’s day style  600 gr. 26,90lv.
(barbecued lamb, filling, green salad)                                                                                       

Roasted lamb with beer 400 gr. 21,20lv.
(roasted lamb, smoked cheese, cream, beer, spices)

Lamb chitterlings 350 gr. 9,80 lv.


Sauce “Roquefort”  200 gr. 3,90 lv.

Curry sauce 200 gr. 3,60 lv.

Hunter’s sauce 200 gr. 3,30 lv.

Mushroom sauce 200 gr. 3,10 lv.

Sauce “Tartar” 200 gr. 2,90 lv.

Tomato sauce 200 gr. 2,60lv.

Garlic sauce 150 gr. 2,60 lv.


Chef’s surprise  900 gr. 36,40lv.
(chicken, pork and veal sirloins, ham, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers,

yellow cheese, sauce “Roquefort”, stewed potatoes, stewed vegetables)                                        

Specialty “Watermill”  500 gr.29.70lv.

(pork sirloin, chicken fillet, mushrooms, smoked cheese, veal tongue, egg)

Kebab in earthen jug  550 gr. 22,80lv.
(prepared from lamb or chicken meat) 

Kapama 600 gr. 18,60lv.

/stewed three kinds of meat with cabbage and onion/ (seasonal)                         

Hominy with bee honey 400 gr. 5,40 lv.

Hominy with white cheese 500 gr. 5,70 lv.

Hominy with cracklings 500 gr. 6,90 lv.

Hominy compounded 550 gr. 7,90 lv.


Wild boar 400 gr. 28,70lv.

Roe 400 gr. 27,90lv.

Pheasant 400 gr. 26,50lv.

Rabbit in hunter’s style 400 gr. 19,80lv.

Small loaf of bread with garlic 1 p. 1,10 lv.

Small loaf of bread  1 p. 0,80 lv.

Bread a slice 1 p. 0,30 lv.


Grilled vegetables 350 gr. 7,20 lv.

(zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onion)                                                   

Stewed vegetables  300 gr. 4,30 lv.

(maize, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes)

Stewed potatoes with dill and garlic 300 gr. 3,90 lv.

Chutney 250 gr. 3,90 lv.

Cabbage salad, chutney, beans 200 gr. 3,30 lv.

French fried potatoes 200 gr. 3,30 lv.

Rice 300 gr. 3,30 lv.

Fried potatoes with white cheese 250 gr. 4,50 lv.

Fresh fried potatoes 200 gr. 5,30 lv.


Dessert “Watermill”  250 gr. 6,90 lv.

Homemade cake 220 gr. 6,20 lv.

Milk dessert “Wooden fruits”  200 gr. 5,60 lv.

Buffalo-cow yoghurt with bee honey and walnuts 300 gr. 5,40 lv.

Sheep’s yoghurt with bee honey and walnuts (seasonal)  300 gr. 5,40 lv.

“The watermill whells”  200 gr. 5,20 lv.

Homemade chocolate cream 200 gr. 5,10 lv.

Milk pastry 200 gr. 4,90 lv.

Baked pumpkin with bee honey and walnuts (seasonal) 400 gr. 4,90 lv.

Tikvenik – pumpkin pastry (seasonal) 200 gr. 4,80 lv.

Milk-biscuit cake 190 gr. 4,80lv.

Caramel custard (seasonal) 150 gr. 4,40 lv.

Pancake with bee honey, jam 150 gr. 4,10 lv.

Fruit “Assort” (seasonal) 500 gr. 8,80 lv.


Peanuts 100 gr. 3,90 lv.

Walnuts 100 gr. 5,90 lv.

Pistachio 100 gr. 7,30 lv.

Hazelnuts 100 gr. 7,30 lv.

Almonds 100 gr. 7,30 lv.



Beef burger with truffle 450g. – 35.00lv.

/100% organic beef from specially selected breed/

 Beef Steak with black truffles and white wine sauce 300g. – 54.00lv.

 Young beef ribs 350g. – 34.00lv.

/from selected calves, grown to 8 months on milk diet/

 Veal cutlet 300g. – 42.00lv.

/from selected calves,  grown to 20 weeks on milk diet/

T-bone steak Fiorentina 500g. – 67.00lv.

/from specially selected calves from “Limousine e Charolaise Scarlino” breed, Italy/

French rack veal steak 500g. – 74.00.lv.

/from selected calves grown to 20 weeks on milk diet/

Ribeye roll steak 300g. – 79.00lv.

/from specially selected calves from „Black Angus“  breed, without hormones and antibiotics,

from farm with over over 100 years of history  – “Three Suns”  Nebraska USA/

T-bone steak Fiorentina 520g. – 129.00lv.

/from specially selected calves from „Black Angus“  breed, without hormones and antibiotics,

from farm with over 100 years of history – “Three Suns”  Nebraska USA/

Lamb T-bone  500g. – 49.00lv.

/specially selected 100% pure meat without hormones

and antibiotics, New Zealand/