„If you see a mill in your dream, you will get rich“
From „Bulgarian book of dream meanings and definitions“

Welcome to Vodenitsata – a different place where you will be enriched with flavours and experiences.

Entering our restaurant – garden, you find yourself in the wild beauty of mountain nature, without leaving the outlines of the big city.

“The foot of Vitosha Mauntains” will shelter you, and the old Vodenitsata will take you to the authentic atmosphere of days long gone with delicious food prepared according to old Bulgarian recipes, passed from mother to daughter and with our special folklore program that makes time stop.



  • Chef’s surprisе
    900 g / 39,90 lv
    (chicken, pork and veal sirloins, ham, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, yellow cheese, sauce “Roquefort”, stewed potatoes, stewed vegetables)
  • Specialty “Watermill”
    570 g / 38,90 lv
    (roasted lamb from a special breed of high-yield meat with spinach and stewed potatoes)
  • Kebab in earthen pot
    550 g / 25,80 lv
    (prepared from lamb or veal meat)
  • Kapama
    (seasonal) 600 g / 22,90 lv
    (three types of stewed meat with cabbage and onion)
  • Kachamak – Polenta with white cheese
    500 g / 7,20 lv
  • Kachamak – Polenta with roasted pork belly
    500 g / 7,90 lv
  • Kachamak – Polenta with white cheese and roasted pork belly
    550 g / 9,60 lv

Cooked meals

  • Knuckle in Haidouk style
    600 g / 24,90 lv
  • Stuffed vine leaves
    300 g / 6,60 lv
  • Stewed knuckle with dressing
    600 g / 22,30 lv
  • Watermill style kavarma (pork or chicken)
    400 g / 11,90 lv
  • Watermill style liver
    400 g / 9,90 lv
  • Pork with cabbage (seasonal)
    400 g / 9,60 lv
  • Drob sarma – seasonal
    400 g / 9,40 lv
    (dish from chopped liver, rice and herbs)

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